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What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware which restrict the access to the infected system in some way and demand a ransom to lift the restriction.

Ransomware usually installed when clicking a malicious link through email or when visiting a infected website or intentionally designed website

Usually they demand to pay through cryptocurrencies

types of Ransomeware

1.Masterboot ransomware

2.lock screen ransomware

3.encryption ransomware

Masterboot ransomware:

Masterboot is a section of computer hard drive which initiate booting process , this ransomeware modify the masterboot file and interrupt normal boot process and display a message demanding a ransom to pay to remove the restriction

Lock Screen Ransomware

This ransomware lock the screen or by displaying an overlay full screen pop to interrupt normal visibility of other windows. and demand ransom

this type of ransomware called winLocker ransomware

this ransomware doesn't encrypt the files

Encryption ransom ware

this ransom ware is more destructive ransom . which encrypt most of files in the system by using a secret key which is only available to the hacker . and demand a ransom to provide the key and the tool which is used to decrypt the files .

usually a text file placed in the folder along with files encrypted which contain instruction to contact hacker and the method to pay ransom

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