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What do you mean by white hats, black hats and gray hats on the basis of hacking?

Hacker is an Individual who intends to gain unauthorized access to computer systems , classification of hacker

▪ White hats
▪ Black hats
▪ Grey hats

White hats

■ “good” hackers who help organizations locate and fix security flaws.

■ White hats do their work under contract, with agreement from clients that they will not be prosecuted for their efforts to break in.

Black hats

■hackers who act with the intention of causing harm.

■are hackers who engage in the same kinds of activities but without pay or any buy-in from the targeted organization.

■They break into Web sites and reveal the confidential or proprietary information they find.

Grey hats

■hackers who believe they are pursuing some greater good by breaking in and revealing system flaws.

■Grey hats discover weaknesses in a system’s security, and then publish the weakness without disrupting the site or attempting to profit from their finds.

Grey hat actions are suspect, however, especially when the hackers reveal security flaws that make it easier for other criminals to gain access to the system.

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