What are the different stages in Cloud Life Cycle management?

  • Cloud services have a defined lifecycle.
  • A management program has to touch on each of the six different stages in that lifecycle:
  • Phase 1. The definition of the service as a template for creating instances
    • Tasks: creation, updating, and deletion of service templates.
  • Phase 2. Client interactions with the service, usually through an SLA (Service Level Agreement) contract
    • Task:manages client relationships and creates and manages service contracts.
  • Phase 3. The deployment of an instance to the cloud and the runtime management of instances
    • Tasks:creation, updating, and deletion of service offerings.
  • Phase 4. The definition of the attributes of the service while in operation and performance of modifications of its properties
    • Task:perform service optimization and customization.
  • Phase 5. Management of the operation of instances and routine maintenance
    • Task:monitor resources, track and respond to events, and perform reporting and billing functions.
  • Phase 6. Retirement of the service
    • Task:data protection and system migration, archiving, and service contract termination.

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