Security and Encryption - module 3 - slide points

slide 2: The E-commerce Security Environment: The Scope of the Problem

slide 3:What Is Good E-commerce Security?

slide4:The E-commerce Security Environment

slide 5:Dimensions of E-commerce Security

slide 6:Customer and Merchant Perspectives on the Different Dimensions of E-commerce Security

slide 7:The Tension Between Security and Other Values

slide 8:Security Threats in the E-commerce Environment

slide 10:A Typical E-commerce Transaction

slide 11 : Vulnerable Points in an E-commerce Environment

slide 12:Malicious Code

  • malware
  • Viruses
  • Worms
  • Trojan horse
  • drive-by download
  • ransomware (scareware)
  • Backdoor
  • Bots
  • Botnet

slide 15:Potentially Unwanted Programs (pups)

  • pups
  • Adware
  • Browser parasite
  • Spyware

Slide 18:Phishing

Slide 20:Hacking and Cybervandalism

  • Hacker
  • Cracker
  • Cybervandalism

Slide 21: White hats

Slide 22:Black hats

Slide 23:Grey hats

Slide 24:Data breach

Slide 25:Credit Card Fraud

Slide 26:Spoofing

Slide 27:Pharming

Slide 28:Spam (junk) web sites

Slide 29:Identity Fraud

Slide 30:DoS and dDoS Attacks

Slide 33:Other Security Threats

Slide 36:Insider jobs:

Slide 37:Poorly designed server and client software:

Slide 40:Technology Solutions

slide 41:Tools Available to Achieve Site Security

slide 42:Protecting Internet Communications:Encryption


▪ Message integrity
▪ Nonrepudiation
▪ Authentication
▪ Confidentiality

Slide 44:Symmetric Key Encryption

Slide 46:Public Key Encryption

Slide 47:Public Key Cryptography – A Simple Case

slide 48:Public Key Encryption using Digital Signatures and Hash Digests

Slide 59:Public Key Cryptography with Digital Signatures

slide 60:Digital Envelopes

slide 61:Public Key Cryptography: Creating a Digital Envelope

slide 62:Digital Certificates and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

slide 63:Digital Certificates and Certification Authorities

slide 70:Limits to Encryption Solutions

slide 71:Securing Channels of Communication

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL):

slide 78:Virtual Private Networks (VPNs):

slide 82:Wireless (Wi-Fi) Networks

slide 84:Secure Negotiated Sessions Using SSL

slide 85:Protecting Networks: Firewalls and Proxy Servers


  • slide 89:Packet filters
  • slide 91:Application gateways

slide 92:Proxy servers:

slide 97:Firewalls and Proxy Servers image

slide 98:Intrusion Detection and Prevention

slide 100:Protecting Servers and Clients

  1. Operating system controls
  2. slide 103:Anti-virus software

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