Advanced Timing & Easing for Web Animations with Tumult Hype

This article was sponsored by Tumult. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. Animation can roughly be defined as showing successive images or frames to give the illusion of smooth changes. Instead of producing every frame by hand, modern web animation tools like Tumult Hype let an animator create keyframes (generally start […]

AngularJS to Angular – a brief history with some tips to get started!

In this article, I’m going to introduce the core libraries of Angular and help you to get started with the framework itself. Are you familiar with AngularJS? Have you ever tried out Angular 2 or would you like to pick up one of the top front-end frameworks? This is the perfect time to dive into […]

Moving From Flash To HTML, CSS, And JavaScript

Back in the 2000s, it was commonplace to see websites that were built using Flash. By viewing the source of a website, you’d often see very little HTML and an embedded SWF file. This meant a few things. First, the browser didn’t natively support Flash, so you had to download the Flash plugin. Browsers found […]

Building A Static Site With Components Using Nunjucks

It’s quite popular these days, and dare I say a damn fine idea, to build sites with components. Rather than building out entire pages one by one, we build a system of components (think: a search form, an article card, a menu, a footer) and then piece together the site with those components. JavaScript frameworks […]

Tips For Conducting Usability Studies With Participants With Disabilities

Over the last few years, I ran several usability studies with participants with various disabilities. I thought it would help others if I shared some of my experiences. In this article, I provide lessons learned or tips to consider in planning and executing usability testing with participants with disabilities. The lessons learned are divided into […]

Script & Style Show: Episode 3: Working Remotely

On this week’s episode: Todd and I talk about working remotely, transitioning to being a remotee, keeping on task, and avoiding (or embracing) the hermit lifestyle! Next Episode: Q&A! Todd and I would like to host a Q/A session where we answer your questions! Please tweet us your question and we’ll answer them on the […]

The Future Of Mobile Web Design: Video Game Design And Storytelling

As technologies change and design techniques evolve, it’s inevitable that we’d experience massive growth in terms of design quality. There are similar parallels we can see within video game design as well. For instance: This was CERN, the very first website back in 1991. Just some basic HTML and ample white space: The very first […]

An Introductory Guide To Business Insurance For Designers And Developers

At some point in your career, most web designers and developers can relate to issues with scope creep, unexpected project delays, client relationships breaking down, and unpaid invoices. The good news is that there’s an insurance policy to help with these scenarios. In the UK, we call it “professional indemnity insurance.” Elsewhere, it can be […]

An Introduction to TypeScript: Static Typing for the Web

TypeScript is one of many attempts at creating a better experience with JavaScript. “Oh, I’m using Gulp because of reason A” or “Oh, I’m using Redux because of reason B”. You hear these sorts of things from front-end developers all the time. It’s become fashionable to use new ways of improving on JavaScript’s old faults, […]

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