Offboarding In The Online World

By now, we’ve all heard about onboarding — the beginning of a relationship between a company and a user — but what about offboarding? Both go hand in hand as being two of the most important interactions you can have with a user, but offboarding gets much less publicity and sometimes is even altogether ignored. […]

How to Use SSL/TLS with Node.js

It’s time! No more procrastination and poor excuses: Let’s Encrypt works beautifully, and having an SSL-secured site is easier than ever. In this article, I’ll work through a practical example of how to add a Let’s Encrypt-generated certificate to your Express.js server. But protecting our sites and apps with HTTPS isn’t enough. We should also […]

Better Node.js Console Dumps with console-probe

Writing JavaScript in the Node.js environment has always felt a bit more difficult; probably because browser developer tools have become incredibly powerful, interactive, and visually appealing.  Using console.log on the client side isn’t the best of experiences and obviously isn’t interactive. Though not interactive, I’ve found that console-probe is an improvement over console.log, providing me highlighted […]

These Top WordPress Themes Can Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

This article was sponsored by BAWMedia. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. Web design trends change over the years. Some trends come and go. Others become permanent fixtures. Such is the case with responsive websites. The number of Internet shoppers that primarily rely on mobile devices has grown. The need for retina-ready, […]

Be Watchful: PHP And WordPress Functions That Can Make Your Site Insecure

Security of a WordPress (or any) website is a multi-faceted problem. The most important step anyone can take to make sure that a site is secure is to keep in mind that no single process or method is sufficient to ensure nothing bad happens. But there are things you can do to help. One of […]

Using Gradients In User Experience Design

(This is a sponsored article.) Color has the potential to make or break product. Today you’ll learn how to use gradients for a website in Adobe XD through a very useful tutorial. In the last Adobe XD release, radial gradients were added so that designers can easily create unique color effects by simulating a light […]

An Introduction to NodeBots

Starter Kits SparkFun Inventors Kit – This is the kit that started it all for me years ago! It comes with a range of standard components like colored LED lights, sensors, buttons, a motor, a tiny speaker and more. It also comes with a guide and sample projects you can use to build your skills. […]

A GraphQL Primer: Why We Need A New Kind Of API (Part 1)

In this series, I want to introduce you to GraphQL. By the end, you should understand not just what it is but also its origins, its drawbacks and the basics of how to work with it. In this first article, rather than jumping into the implementation, I want to go over how and why we […]

Introducing React Easy State

React Easy State is the fruition of my two years long journey with ES6 Proxies and meta programming. It is also a state management library for React. The joy of simplicity Easy State is a React state management library with no core philosophy – like functional programming or immutability – except for one thing. It […]

Installing Multiple Versions of Node.js Using nvm

When developing Node.js applications, you might face situations where you need to install multiple versions of Node. This can happen when you have multiple projects and they have different requirements, or you have a deployable application which must be compatible with different Node versions. Without a good tool, this would mean a lot of work […]

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