List and describe the products available for the cloud management?

  • The core management features offered by most cloud management service products include the following:
  • Support of different cloud types
  • Creation and provisioning of different types of cloud resources, such as machine instances, storage, or staged applications
  • Performance reporting including availability and uptime, response time, resource quota usage, and other characteristics
  • The creation of dashboards that can be customized for a particular client’s needs
  • Eg: Amazon CloudWatch, ManageIQ, Cloudkick

Amazon CloudWatch: To monitor EC2. Provides a view of resource utilization, performance metrics and operational indicators for processor demand, disk utilization, and network I/O.


ManageIQ is an open source cloud management platform. It allows centralized management of various virtualization, private cloud, public cloud, containers, and software defined networking technologies in RedHat systems

Cloudkick is a web-based control hub for cloud servers that offers its users with centralized server monitoring and management tools.  allows you to easily add or remove servers from Rackspace Cloud, Amazon EC2, Linode, GoGrid, Slicehost, RimuHosting

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