Explain Diffie Hellman key exchange algorithm ?

  • Diffie–Hellman key exchange is a method of securely exchanging cryptographic keys over a public channel 
  • Purpose is to enable two users to securely exchange a key that can then be used for subsequent symmetric encryption of messages
  • The algorithm is limited to the exchange of secret values
  • Its effectiveness depends on the difficulty of computing discrete logarithms

following way. Recall from Chapter 2 that a primitive root of a prime number p is one whose powers modulo p generate all the integers from 1 to p -  1. That is, if a  is a primitive root of the prime number p , then the numbers

a  mod p , a2  mod p , . . .  , ap-1  mod p

 are distinct and consist of the integers from 1 through p -  1 in some permutation. For any integer b  and a primitive root a of prime number p , we can find a unique exponent i such that

b = ai  (mod p ) where 0 ≤  i ≤ (p -  1)

The exponent i  is referred to as the discrete logarithm  of b  for the base a , mod p .

We express this value as d loga,p (b ).

Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange algorithm

Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange algorithm 

  • For this scheme, there are two publicly known numbers: a prime number q  and an integer a  that is a primitive root of q
  • User A selects a random integer XA < q and computes YA = aXA mod q.
  • Similarly, user B independently selects a random integer XB < q and computes YB = aXB mod q. 
  • Each side keeps the X value private and makes the Y value available publicly to the other side. Thus, XA is A’s private key and YA is A’s corresponding public key, and similarly for B. 
  • User A computes the key as K = (YB)XA mod q    and user B computes the key as K = (YA)XB mod q

These two calculations of K can be shown to produce identical results:

K = (YB)XA mod q   (this K is the secret key calculated by Alice, since XB is known only to Alice)

   = (aXB mod q)XA mod q

   = (aXB)XA mod q                 by the rules of modular arithmetic

   = aXBXA mod q

   = (aXA)XB mod q

   = (aXA mod q)XB mod q

   = (YA)XB mod q  (here K is secret key calculated by Bob, since XB is known only to Bob)

Man in-the-middle Attack:

  • The Diffie –Hellman key exchange protocol is insecure against a man-in-the-middle attack. 
  • The protocol is vulnerable to such an attack because it does not authenticate the participants. 
  • This vulnerability can be overcomed with the use of digital signatures and public- key certificates.
  • The attack is described as follows:

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