E-commerce Payment Systems - Slide points

Slide 2:Introduction

Slide 3:Types of Payment Systems

■ Cash
■ Checking Transfer
■ Credit Card
■ Stored Value
■ Accumulating Balance

Slide 4:Cash

slide 5:Checking Transfer

slide 6:Most Common Payment Systems, Based on Number Of Transactions (Diagram)

slide 7:Most Common Payment Systems, Based on Dollar Amount (Diagram)

slide 8:Credit Card

slide 9:Stored Value

slide 11:Accumulating Balance

slide 12:Dimensions of Payment Systems (Table)

slide 13:Current Online Payment Systems

slide 14:Various Payment Methods Offered or Planned to be Offered by Online Merchants (chart)

slide 15:How an Online Credit Card Transaction Works

slide 16:How an Online Credit Transaction Works

slide 22:Credit Card E-commerce Enablers

slide 25:Limitations of Online Credit Card Payment Systems

slide 26:The SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) Protocol

slide 27:How SET Transactions Work (Diagram)

slide 28:B2C Digital Payment Systems

■Digital Wallets
■Digital Cash
■ Online Stored Value Systems
■ Smart Card Stored Value Systems
■Digital Accumulating Balance Payment
■Digital Credit Card Payment Systems
■Digital Checking Payment Systems

slide 29:Digital Wallets

slide32:Digital Wallets

slide 34:Digital Cash

slide 37:Virtual currencies

slide 38: Digicash: How First Generation Digital Cash Worked (diagram)

slide 39:Online Stored Value Systems

slide 41:How Ecount.com Works: A Stored Value System

slide 42:Smart Cards as Stored Value Systems

Two types:
▪ Contact
▪ Contactless

slide 43:Digital Accumulating Balance Payment Systems

slide 45:Digital Credit Card Payment Systems

slide 47:How a Digital Credit Card Payment System Works: eCharge

slide 48:Digital Checking Payment Systems

slide 51:Digital Payment Systems and the Wireless Web

slide 57:Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment (EBPP)

slide 60:Biller-direct

slide 62:Consolidator model

slide 66:Growth of the EBPP Market

slide 67:Growth of the EBPP Market

slide 68:B2B Payment Systems

slide 69:Key Features of B2B Payment Systems (Table)

slide 70:Payment Systems Stakeholders



financial intermediaries

government regulators

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