Script & Style Show: Episode 10: Dojo

In this episode: David and Todd welcome Dojo and JavaScript legend Dylan Schiemann and TypeScript and Dojo 2 superhero Nick Nisi.  We cover the early days of Dojo, the road to 2.0, and what’s in Dojo 2.0 and beyond.  Enjoy! The post Script & Style Show: Episode 10: Dojo appeared first on David Walsh Blog. Source: […]

Authenticating Firebase and Angular with Auth0: Part 1

This article was originally published on the blog, and is republished here with permission. In this 2-part tutorial series, we’ll learn how to build an application that secures a Node back end and an Angular front end with Auth0 authentication. Our server and app will also authenticate a Firebase Cloud Firestore database with custom […]

Creating UIs with Angular Material Design Components

In this tutorial, I’ll introduce you to Material Design in Angular, then we’ll look at how to create a simple Angular application with a UI built from various Angular Material components. The widespread adoption of component-based frameworks such as Angular, React and Vue.js has seen a growing number of pre-built UI component collections become available. […]

5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Reading Analytics

Recently we’ve been looking into the super-fun world of UX analytics (yes, it is fun!). Firstly, we looked at what UX analytics actually are and why they matter. We then looked at 5 common myths surrounding data-driven design. So if you’re looking to get clued up on what UX analytics is all about, I recommend […]

A Deep Dive into Cryptography

This Deep Dive into Cryptography was originally published at Bruno’s Bitfalls website, and is reproduced here with permission. The media is jam-packed with content about cryptocurrency and everyone is raving about the importance of public and private keys. You’ve heard of encryption, but do you know what it actually is and how it works? This […]

Regain Disk Space from Homebrew

One of my favorite utilities is Homebrew, the shell utility for installing and upgrading other utilities — it’s a lazy developer’s dream.  Dreams can easily turn to nightmares, however, and I recently learned that Homebrew caches older versions of installed packages, leading to loads of disk space being used up by old files. Want all […]

Building Diverse Design Teams To Drive Innovation

Building Diverse Design Teams To Drive Innovation Building Diverse Design Teams To Drive Innovation Riri Nagao 2018-05-21T12:00:18+02:00 2018-05-21T10:03:12+00:00 There has been a surge of conversations about the tech industry lacking diversity. Companies are therefore encountering barriers in innovation. The current state of technology faces inequality and privilege, a consequence of having limited voices represented in […]

How to Fix Magento Login Issues with Cookies and Sessions

This article was created in partnership with Ktree. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. In this article are looking at how Magento cookies can create issues with the login functionality of both the customer-facing front-end and admin back-end, the reason it occurs and how it should be resolved. This is also […]

5 Steps to Installing WordPress with LEMP on Alibaba Cloud

This article was created in partnership with Alibaba Cloud. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the market, owing to the fact that it is completely free to use and extremely versatile. Typically, you would deploy WordPress on a LAMP […]

15 Bootstrap Tools and Playgrounds

In this post, we’ve scoured the web for Bootstrap tools and playgrounds and shared with you only the very best out there. Web designers and developers operate in a great industry. Our expertise and access to affordable development resources gives us the ability to do something unique — something which is found in few (if […]

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